Get your Aperitivo


Enjoy the premium food buffet


Enjoy the people

Aperitivo Stockholm is a dynamic and rotating experience. Each event is an opportunity to explore a new venue, taste different products and meet cool people. As the snaps table evolved into the Smörgåsbord in the Nordics, the 18th century appetizer tradition in the North of Italy became a proper new social (pre-) dinner concept, the aperitivo. The word originates from the Latin verb “aperire” which means “to open”: the idea being that the drink opens and stimulates your appetite.


With Aperitivo Stockholm we want to go above that, promoting an open community of people inspired by the pleasure of eating together and sharing new experiences. Our events are based on the concept “Buy a drink, get your food!” in a relaxed and chill-out context. A simple idea and a very functional way of meeting up with friends and making new ones, meanwhile enjoying one of the aperitivo’s musts as Americano, Spritz or Negroni.


Join our community of aperitivo lovers. See you for the next cocktail in Stockholm.