Aperitivo Partners: Gran Pavesi

Aperitivo Stockholm is about food, delicious food, first of all. At each event we work to offer an exclusive gourmet experience to our community of aperitivo lovers. This is why we partner with the best food & drink brands, wine importers and delicacies producers.

We are building a new gastronomy journey to live event by event, buffet by buffet, while enjoying an amazing cocktail and meeting new people. What a better way to taste new flavours and discover premium products than a friendly, chill-out aperitivo after work? This time, for our Aperitivo story, we want to tell you more about our partner and supporter “Gran Pavesi” from the Barilla family. We met Luca Bankheila, from the marketing department at Pavesi Sweden to ask him more about the products and why they like to work with Aperitivo Stockholm.

“Gran Pavesi” is an italian Iconic brand with a great variety of popular products. The innovative “aperitivo” range offers products which thanks to the combination of different shapes (Grissini or Keks) and different flavors (classic, tomato, olives) are very versatile and can be used in lots of different Aperitivo “ideas” which are fast to prepare. All the products are made with quality ingredients and are extremely tasty: seeing is believing.

Aperitivo buffets represent the best occasion to consume our products, both outside or at home. Most likely in a social contest because they are perfect to share! “Gran Pavesi” and Aperitivo Stockholm incorporate the tradition of the Italian aperitivo and that is why they constitute a perfect combination to enjoy a real Italian experience. Specially after a long working day there is nothing better than enjoying a different version of the typical after work, with tasty food and great atmosphere.

So, if you are planning to set up a tasty aperitivo buffet at your office after work or at your place inviting friends over, keep in mind that you can find Pavesi products in lots of ICA, COOP and Citygross supermarkets in the “Mat Kex” shelf as well as in their online stores, or specialized e-stores such as Mathem.se. Buon aperitivo!

For more info about Gran Pavesi: https://www.granpavesi.it/

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